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Dragon Precision is a Network of International Trading Companies, with a headquarters in Switzerland and a strong base in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Our Mission is, to import high quality measuring instruments from Europe and other countries, to Vietnam.
Our aim is to support the Vietnam industry with high quality measuring instruments, for a fair price.

We do have a network of reseller in the major cities in Vietnam. These technical specialists will assist you during your projects, they will help you to find an economic solution for your application.

The service, repair and calibration base, with stock, is ready to serve you.

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Our Brands


Finest Hand Measuring Tools
Dial gauges, Calipers, Micrometer, Ring gauges, Thread gaugesAir gauges and Electronic probes.


3-Point Internal Micrometer
Huge measuring range, Extension up to 10m and Thermally compensated.


Simply the best fixation
3D articulated fixation arms, Vices for universal work, Roundness tester and Balancing units.


Granite Technology
Rectangular measurement, Round tables, Level gauges and Laser alignment system.